AI-Based Company Provide Solution to Fulfill
The Needs of Credit Risk Management.

Welcome to AIForesee

We seek to provide our users unbiased and credible SME-related information which they can use to characterize SMEs. Those that have better track records or are timelier in delivering goods and services, will have better access to financing and ultimately increase their business opportunities.

Why AIForesee is best

To deliver our services, Aiforesee is leveraging multiple data sources which are representative of SME behavior. By combining data with cutting edge machine learning and supported by our group's multi-year experience in the SME service industry, we hope to improve financial inclusion .

Our Vision

Aiforesee's vision is to be the “Information Gateway to SMEs in SouthEast Asia”.

Our Mission

Providing trusted assessment of a business entity by using Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning Technologies and Alternative Data.